Start Up Business Checklist – Have You Covered Everything?

A Start up Business Checklist! That’s the first thing you need as you are getting ready to start a new venture. Otherwise you will be inundated with so much of information and advice that you will soon get confused.

What is the first thing that one does to start a business? What are the important issues that you would need to address right at the beginning? If these are the questions that have stumped you ? have no fear!
Here we are with a start up business checklist of the most common issues that founders are confronted with. We recommend that you use this checklist like a to-do list. Remember, all the items may not be applicable to your business, so strike off the ones that are not for you and then start work on completing the applicable tasks.

  1. Decide the business structure you want your new business to have – a corporation, a sole proprietorship or a partnership.
  2. Write out your business plan.
  3. Prepare a detailed marketing plan for your product or service.
  4. Research the funding options. Work on obtaining loans or any other financing.
  5. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and other appropriate business associations.
  6. Check with your local and state licensing agencies to obtain the necessary permits and licenses. These will vary from state to state and also within a state.
  7. Choose a business name and verify that the name is available for use in your state and at the federal level.
  8. Register your business with your county (if required).
  9. Obtain a Federal Tax Identification Number, if incorporated.
  10. Find a place to conduct your business. Research cost of leasing an office and/or tax deductions available if you are starting a home-based business.
  11. Research and buy business insurance.
  12. Hire payroll services, assuming you will have employees.
  13. Print business cards, stationary, and invoice or statement forms.
  14. Decide on business hours.
  15. Open a business checking account.
  16. Order office furniture.
  17. Set up a business telephone line.
  18. Purchase/lease computer equipment.
  19. Purchase/lease copier or arrange for an account at a local copy shop.
  20. Research and purchase computer software.
  21. Decide on an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a host for your website.
  22. Choose a bookkeeping system and establish a record keeping system.
  23. Order office supplies.
  24. Sign up for a Federal Express, DHL or UPS account.
  25. Hire an attorney and CPA, if possible.

Starting a new business could be a very stressful and laborious endeavor. The Start up Business Checklist makes sure that you have taken care of all essential details before opening your doors to customers. While we hope that the above checklist will serve as a useful guide, we have a number of detailed articles on each of the above issues on this site. Check them out.

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