Retail Recruiting – Shopping For The Best People

Retail recruiting differs from conventional recruiting as to the type and quantity of people you need to hire. You often need to look for personality and flexibility more than academic qualifications in you potential employee.

In order to recruit right people for your store, you need to keep the following things in mind:

Planning – The first and foremost thing that you would be required to do is plan the retail recruiting process. How do you intend to carry out the recruitment process? What are the things which you are thinking of doing?

Determine your budget – Just like in any type of business; you will have to incur certain amount of money for things like newspaper ads, recruitment consultants etc.

Deciding on media – Now you need to decide the media where you would be placing your advertisement. It can be in the newspapers, internet, television, radio, billboard, etc. Selecting the right medium is very important for the purpose of recruitment. Of course, the media you decide would have to be within your budget.

Content of your ad – The content of your advertisement plays a very important role in retail recruiting. The job that you are advertising for should seem like an exciting opportunity and not just another job. Use strong and powerful words that will draw a huge number of potential candidates for the post that you are offering.

Description of the job – The candidates will want to have a clear description of the job and the duties that come with it. Your ad should talk about why the job is exciting, what duties are involved, perks, bonuses, remuneration and prospects.

Bio-data and application – It would be wise if you ask the candidate to submit a resume as well as an application. You will be able to gather more information about the applicant by checking out these two documents together. You will be able to obtain answers to questions like citizenship, criminal record, etc. This will assist you in finding out the working history of the person more easily than by looking at the resume only.

Reference discussion – Create a cordial and honest relationship with the people the candidate uses for references. Having put the referrer in a comfortable position, enquire about the strong and weak points of the candidate. Always bear in mind that the referrer will often be biased in favour of the candidate so take most positive comments with a pinch of salt

Listening ability – In this business line, you need to have excellent listening ability. You should not employ a person who cannot concentrate on what you are talking about during the interview because he may not be able to concentrate on listening to customers.

Communication skills – Does the candidate speak clearly and have a pleasant voice? Does he/she smile often? Remember, many times a customer will buy a product if they like and believe the salesperson selling it.

Selecting candidates that show potential – You can more or less figure out from the interview, personal information and the references whether a candidate has the potential to be a part of your business. Choose that person who would be an asset to your business. Do not always go for the candidate willing to accept the lowest salary. Often savings in salary would cause additional costs in mistakes made.

Keeping the above points in mind should make your retail recruiting a lot more successful.

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