Online Home Businesses

Online Home Businesses – Low Investment with Great Returns

Online home businesses would never have been possible if it wasn’t for the growth of the World Wide Web. Most of the ideas we suggest below, would not have even been feasible in the last decade.

The great thing about online home businesses is that most of them have very low start-up costs, you can outsource the technical work easily and income can come in even while you sleep. Here are some ideas:


  1. Affiliate marketing: This means you have a website that sells other people’s products and services (like ebooks, DVDs, consulting, etc.). All you need to do is bring traffic to your site by providing good information to visitors and get paid every time they click on a product link on your site. Specialized niche sites work best. You can join an affiliate network on sites like and A good site that introduces you to affiliate marketing is
  2. Net Auction: Auction sites like allow you to showcase products (that you’ve made or bought) and lets people bid on them. Like a regular auction, you can determine your reserve price. This is a great option if you know where to find unique products, antiques or just have a lot of junk in your attic to sell.
  3. Run a niche membership website: If you are an expert in something (beauty treatments) or have a hobby that you know a lot about (golf), you can consider running a niche membership website. This means that you invite people to become free members where you give them information about your niche and allow them to have discussions on forums. You can earn money by charging for premium memberships (for access to enhanced information or resources). You can also charge vendors in the same niche to post ads to sell to these members. A site that has many loyal members can generate many revenue streams for years to come. These are among the most successful online home businesses to start.
  4. Buy and Sell Goods: You can go to general auction sites like,, and to search for good bargains. Once you have bought these goods, you can put them up for sale on a relevant specialty site (or your own niche site). General auction sites tend to have lower prices because there are many vendors fighting for business. Specialty sites tend to have fewer vendors and an audience who may be willing to pay more for unique products. This is the online equivalent of finding old junk at a flea market and then marking it up for sale at an antique store!
  5. Translation Services: So you know different languages? There are many firms that require documents to be translated from one language to another. You can offer your services on sites like which connects buyers and sellers of services together.
  6. Content Writer: Do you have a flair for writing? If yes then you can think of writing for the growing number of magazines and websites out there. ‘Content is King’ and finding good content providers imperative for website and magazine owners. Again sites like will help you sell your services.
  7. Tutoring: Do you have good knowledge of academic subjects? Are you a good communicator? If so then you can think of giving tuitions to students on the internet. All you need is a web camera, headphones with a mic and a good internet connection. Sites like and let you sign up as a tutor to offer your services.

Opportunities for new online home businesses are springing up almost every day. Keep your eyes open for them because of their low investment risks.

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