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A person going for an online business start up is often confronted with the question – which would be the best for me? Before reading the rest of our online business articles, you need to know the answer.

And you can very well understand that your success in this new career depends more on this decision than any other thing. You have to choose your business very carefully; otherwise you will soon find yourself trapped with dubious vendors selling you ‘best online business start up’ opportunities which are geared to emptying your wallet.

One main benefit of starting an online business is the relatively low investments needed and the flexible working time is there as well.

Among the most popular online business start up ventures you can look for are those that deal with information products in niche areas like ebooks, DVDs, audio CDs etc. Services for time poor customers like holiday bookings and flower deliveries are also popular.

Some online businesses solely depend on advertising revenue from ads placed on their sites by Google or etc.

Follow the ten steps below in sequence to ensure you initiate your online business start up well:

1. Where does your interest lie?: This is the first question which you should ask yourself. You online business should be one which you are interested in and not something which you want to undertake simply to earn money. If you are not interested in the business then there is no way you will be able motivated to work hard on it

2. Make a business plan: Like any off line business; you need a good plan with tangible goals that you can follow.

3. Determine the amount of money required: Now you need to determine how much money would be required for your business. List down all the possible expenditure and reserves for the business and come out with an approximate amount.

4. Funding: How would you fund your online business? Did you plan where the money would come from? Are you going for a loan or do you have the required amount of money with you?

5. Get help from people: Now you should get the help from a few people to help you with your online business. They may be your family members or you can also employ one or more people. You an compensate them with a share in profits (or some equity) if you are strapped for cash.

6. Name of the website: You should think of a name with which you would carry out your online business. The ideal option is to find an available domain name (preferably .com) that works for your business. You can then brand your total business with the same name.

7. Build a website: Now you need to build a website where you can conduct your business. If you have the necessary knowledge then you can build it yourself otherwise you can hand over the work to a web design firm. You can even find web design companies on sites like elance.con and Make sure that you place your contact information on your website where your clients can contact you.

8. User experience: User experience is very important if you want your website to be flooded with visitors. Some things you can add are user discussion forums, quizzes, good articles and free downloads.

9. Competitive prices: The price you charge for your goods or services should be competitive so that clients will return to you.

10. Attracting Traffic: You need to find ways of attracting visitors to your site. You can do things like having pay per click ads on search engines, or post articles on various sites with links to back to you, or post messages in relevant discussion forums among other things.

An online business start up will build sufficient revenue over time as more and more people visit your site. Be patient and make sure you provide the best experience to your visitor. That will keep them coming back and giving you income while you sleep!




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