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Dealing with your employees is an art in itself. Your younger workers want to make a quick impact, they seem to be more up to date, more prompt and more energetic; while the older employees may be more trustworthy, more dedicated and seldom violate rules.

Now, if you are a smart entrepreneur, you might find it tough to come up with workplace policies that suit all your employees. Very often, your views on various business issues may differ; at some point of time you might feel that there is a skill shortage in your workforce; or some might try to assert their “supremacy” if they have specialized skills. Although this might seem petty workplace issues, they could seriously impact your team’s effectiveness and thus impact your profits.

Here are some simple ways that can help you bridge the gap between yourself and your employees. Of course, our human resources articles below will give you many ideas, but here are some basic concepts you should understand.

1. Don’t hide your weaknesses: Experienced employees can often point out your mistakes, especially if they have more experience in a certain area. In that case, don’t get defensive. If you do so, it will highlight your weakness and show you up as immature. Remember, there is plenty to learn from your people, even if you are their boss!

2. Be a listener: Just because the business is yours, you don’t always need to act as if you know everything. This kind of attitude will not engender your peoples’ respect towards you. Value the experience of those who are known to be efficient. A good listener of good, valuable advice always wins. You can also teach your young employees not to hesitate to take their seniors’ help.

3. Create a perfect team: Your first and foremost job is to form a team whose mission is to achieve a common goal. Each and every team player should know that he or she can reach the target only when working together, regardless of skill set or age. Further, being the team leader, treat all equally and encourage everyone to ask for help from each other or you when needed.

4. Provide them with training: To avoid skill shortages, you need to provide your workers with training. The business environment is constantly changing and your people need to be well trained to keep up. Training also keeps them motivated. One of the key workplace benefits that employees look out for is to ‘learn new skills on the job’.

5. Be flexible: Some employees have family commitments that prevent them from working from exactly 9am to 5pm. In that case, consider options like flextime, part-time work, seasonal or contractual arrangements. You can also allow them to work from home. All of these will go a long way in helping you retain your valuable workforce.

Effective utilization of the expertise and knowledge of your workers can be of great advantage to any company.


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