How to Recruit New Business Partners!

Are you wondering how to recruit new business partners into your MLM? So is almost every other network marketer out there. But it doesn’t have to be this way for you…just take a look around at what everybody else is doing, and do the opposite!

To show you what I mean, let’s take a look at the network marketing, MLM, and direct sales industries. First off, it takes very little money and no education whatsoever to start up a home-based business. Where else does someone get to be in charge of a business without one single bit of training at all? And even if a person receives some training from his or her upline, who knows if that upline member is actually even having success with what he or she is teaching to new recruits?

So, in general, it’s an industry that is filled with many people who have never had any business, personal development, and/or sales training before jumping in head first with a license to sell. Most independent representatives do not act like professional business people. It is no wonder so many people who have never been involved with MLM seem to have such an aversion to it!

That’s why it is essential to get some proper training (from people who have actually achieved the success you are looking for and who operate in a manner that you are comfortable with) before blindly following the bad advice that runs rampant at nearly every single MLM company’s training sessions.

If you have only received your advice on how to recruit new business partners from upline members or company leaders, you have probably never heard the following tip, but here it goes…

Unless you have no shame and can handle rejection and criticism well, do not talk to your friends and family members immediately about your products or business opportunity. That’s right…do not talk to them.

The sad thing is, this is what most people are instructed to do as soon as they get started.

I find it disheartening when a sponsor instructs brand new recruits to share their opportunity with everyone they know. Sure, it’s fine to let those close to you know you have a new business; but unless these people ask for specifics, I definitely don’t recommend bombarding them with too much information. Let them come to you later when they are curious, after you have gotten some good training and are having some success.

Your first training should be on the topic of how to recruit new business partners into your organization in a professional and effective manner. The best way to learn how to do this is to listen to Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring and/or his Black Belt Recruiting Training.

In a nutshell, what you will learn from Mike Dillard is how to attract people to you who already want what you have to offer. He will then teach you what to say to close these people into your business. Although, by the time you actually speak with them, many will be eager to join!

I always recommend this training to anyone I sponsor who is new to MLM, because it will completely change my new recruit’s mindset…the way he conducts himself and his business will be so much more dignified than most who are in this industry, which will attract others to him naturally.

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