Home Businesses for Moms – Way To Go Mommy!

The 21st century marketplace offers many home businesses for moms. ‘Mompreneurs’ can become successful business owners no matter how much time, education or funds they have.

Home businesses for moms offer an ideal opportunity to balance work and family together on the same level. You have ample time to make money as well as the time to play baseball in the backyard. Isn’t that perfect?

There are millions of business options, and not surprisingly, this can confuse you to a great extent. To make matters worse, most of these jobs are not designed for women, especially moms. So we have put together a list of the best home businesses for moms. Remember to thank us during the awards ceremony when you’re voted Mompreneur of the Year!

1. Proof reading: If you were at the top of your grammar class in high school, proof reading is the best way to cash in. This involves reading, editing and correcting anything and everything for typing errors, spelling or grammatical mistakes.

2. Virtual Assistant: Offer secretarial services to professionals who do not have the budget to keep a full time secretary. You can work from home and perform a wide range of tasks such as scheduling meetings, typing manuscripts, entering data or billing; just to name a few.

3. Scrap Booking: If you want to add a dash of creativity to your work, then this is one of the best options of home based businesses for moms. Everyone loves to preserve memories and there lies your opportunity. You can create scrapbook kits and accessories for sale or consider making customized scrapbooks for other people for a fee.

4. Auction on e-bay: Your love for garage sales, resell shops, flea markets or estate sales can fetch a small extra income through online auctions. Start by looking around for things that you don’t need anymore, and add to that collection by identifying unique items to buy. Clean them up, take pictures and put them up online for an auction. A catchy description to an item will sell it faster. Ebay.com is the top site this business and the first place you must go.

5. Gardening/landscaping: You could mow a lawn to stay in shape and get paid for it. Just kidding! But seriously, you can offer your creative ideas for designing and creating natural landscapes both at offices and homes. So, what else do you need? Let your imagination work at its best.

6. Cake decoration: If you’re handy with an oven, why not make a quick buck from it? However, if you don’t want to turn your kitchen upside down baking twenty four hours a day, use your know-how to advise others on innovative cake designs. Initially, offer this service to your neighbors and friends. If they don’t die of food poisoning, word of mouth (pun unintended) will get more people to your doorstep.

7. Accounting: If you’re good with numbers, then this is what you deserve! You can work as an accountant for businesses as well as individuals. Your job may require you to prepare accounts and financial reports, generate payroll or assist in tax planning. Remember to ensure that you have the necessary qualification or certification for the job. This could be a high paying option, depending on your level of education and expertise. Mom, do we see you smiling already?

We’re sure the above list of home businesses for moms has got you thinking. Further help is available at sites like www.hbwm.com and www.showmomthemoney.com.

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