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Are you bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, and want to find an easy home business idea? You’ve come to the right place. Based on current trends, we’ve put together a list of the top ten easy home business ideas (in no particular order). Who knows, with an easy start and early profits, you could quickly expand to something more challenging:

1. Fitness Trainer: If you are a fitness freak, then why not share your expertise as a personal trainer or yoga teacher? First of all, you’ll need to be certified by the competent authority. This usually means taking an exam lasting 2 to 3 hours, and demonstrating practical capability. There are different levels of certification, and what you’d like to aim for depends on your knowledge and experience.

2. Tutoring or Consulting: Another easy home business idea is sharing your knowledge. If you have experience in management or some other specialized field, then becoming a consultant is a great way to earn money with your knowledge. If you do not have great work experience & your communication skills are good, consider becoming a tutor for school children.

3. Desktop Publishing or Freelance Writing: Were you on the editorial board in high school? If you were the only one in class who thought school essays shouldn’t be outlawed, then freelance writing might just be your calling. Desktop publishing services targeted at small business enterprises could be an easy home based business idea. However, it might require some initial investment in software and equipment. We reckon it might be a good idea to take a short term course before going live. There’s also an option to partner with companies that offer such services such as www.type-at-home.com.

4. Interior Design and Remodeling: A design studio might be a money spinner for those who are not artistically challenged. Gifted carpenters might like to set up a remodeling business. Warning – this isn’t for all you DIY home improvement fanatics! Go ahead only if you’re really talented and you think people will pay you for your work.

5. Catering or Personal Chef: What does a member of the TV dinner generation do when she wants to throw a party? She orders! Start a catering or personal chef business from your own kitchen. Set yourself apart from your competitors by offering exotic cuisine or other services.

6. Gift Baskets: Another easy home based business idea is that of making gift baskets. The great thing about it is that it needs minimal investment. Tie up with the small business owners in your area to increase sales. This idea can really take you places and can expand rapidly.

7. Wedding Planner: Never mind if you thought the movie ‘The Wedding Planner’ was goofy, wedding planning is still a sound home based business idea, as long as you don’t follow the Jennifer Lopez example! It pays well and for the sentimental type, can be enjoyable too. Proceed at your own risk.

8. Concierge Services: Successful People want things done (right from posting letters to booking air tickets) but are too busy to do it themselves. They’re happy to pay someone to take care of their small errands. That someone could well be you. You just need good knowledge of where the best local deals are.

9. Personal Shopper: Yes, this is for real! If you are a good shopper, with an eye for the latest fashion trends, you can share your expertise with those less inclined. A number of gift shopping services are home based businesses. You can enjoy the pleasure of shopping and get paid for it!

10. Child Care Services: A rewarding business if you love children. However, you’ll have to ensure that you can provide a safe and pleasant environment for the kids. Hiring reliable assistants is of utmost importance.

An easy home business idea is not difficult to find. Although the list above is not comprehensive, it might nudge you in the right direction. Take time to explore these (and other) ideas and then decide what works for you.



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