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Backup Software – Insurance For Your Data

The organization uses huge databases to store and retrieve information pertaining to their business activities. Information in these databases has to be backed up so that in case of accidental loss of data, work can be resumed through backup data. Since daily backup of data is a big activity, it is best to use backup software to carry it out.

Back-up software automatically makes a copy of data stored in your database every day. This software can be used to take a full back-up of files, databases, systems or servers by making an exact duplicate of the original information source. In the event of damage caused by a system crash or accidental data loss, back up software can be used to carry out the recovery process.

What should you look for in backup software?

When you decide to go in for backup software, it is essential that you choose one with the right feature, so that you have functionality that is worth the money spent. Here is a look at the essential features of good backup software:

  • It must be able to automatically do the backup activity at a preset time so that you do not have to be present to start it.
  • It must be able to compress the data that it backs up, so that storage space is saved.
  • It must be able to store large files in different media pieces.
  • Its security features should be such that you can password protects your backup data.
  • It must have a verification mode so that you can be sure that data backup is correct and viable. In this mode, the software will make a comparison between each file that it backs up with the original file to ensure that the back up is error-free.
  • It must have a disaster recovery features by which it can help you to restore your system without you having to reinstall the entire operating system. This feature is usually found in expensive backup software products. Usually, a disk with a special recovery program is created, in order to implement this feature.

Where can you find back up software?

You can get both free and paid backup software on the internet.

Paid Software

Here is a look at some good paid back-up software you can consider:

  • Norton Ghost 14.0 – Available at $69.99, you can use it with Windows XP and Windows Vista. This backup software gives you the usual back up software features and is easy to use because of its friendly configuration wizards.
  • Acronis True Image 11 Home – Available at $49.99USD, you can use it with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. It offers a complete backup solution and has a much advanced backup feature. However, it is not very user-friendly as other backup products.
  • Genie Backup Manager Home v8.0 – Available at $49.95USD, you can use it with Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. It offers comprehensive back up features and you can use it to back up all your system data and even your music files.
Free Software

Here is a look at some good free, downloadable back-up software you can consider:

  • AceBackup – This software has featured such as compression of back up data, 256 encryption, remote FTP backups, and an easy-to-use interface.
  • JaBack – This backup software can be installed in Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and other UNIX platforms. It has a good interface and comes with many essential back up software features such as email notification of back up, automatic back up process, local directory monitor and much more.

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