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Asset Management Software – Look After Your Assets

Managing assets is a complex process. This complex task can be simplified by the use of asset management software. One of the most important requirements for any organization is to manage its assets successfully and efficiently. This involves carefully selecting, maintaining, inspecting and renovating their physical assets periodically. This is necessary to ensure that their operational efficiency is maintained and they can contribute successfully towards the organization’s profitability.

Asset management software maintains a record of all assets that your organization has, such as maintenance records, service schedules, depreciation and replacement time. Through this software, an organization knows exactly what assets they own, what assets they are leasing, who are using the asset throughout its lifecycle, and where they are located.

At the time of emergencies, the software can be invaluable in helping to track all available assets and re-routing them to office locations that need them immediately as a result of unforeseen circumstances.

How to choose the right asset management software?

Since the software is going to manage your organization’s most valuable feature, which is its assets, it is essential that you choose the right kind of software. Here are a couple of tips on how to do this:

  • Choose software that has a friendly interface. If you want to know about the status of any of your assets at any time, you should be able to find out such information quickly.
  • It should have features that track the status of all your organization’s assets. It should, in the end, give you reliable and accurate inventory information.
  • Check if the software has features such as Software License Management, Software Compliance, Asset Contracts, Track asset ownership, and Hardware and software inventory. These are essential functions that give you the kind of asset management help that is useful for you.

Where to find asset management software?

You can get the software, by purchasing it else you can use free back up software available on the internet.

Paid Software

Here is a look at some well-paid software that you can consider:

  • AssetExplore – This software has a good interface. It offers comprehensive asset management functions such as track asset ownership and audit of hardware or software and much more.
  • XAssets – This software offers complete asset management functionality and gives you a range of features through browser-based implementation.
  • Altiris – This software, give you all the basic things you need to know about your assets such as their location, how much they cost for maintenance and their current status. It is quite comprehensive in its features.

Free Software

Here is a look at some good free, downloadable software that you can consider:

  • SysAid Free Asset Management Software – This free software gives you basic asset management features such as offers hardware, software, network inventory management. Features such as viewing details, generating reports on asset statuses are available.
  • Spiceworks IT Management Software- This helps you keep track of all your software assets, including all your hardware, software, and network products.

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