About the safety and security window film

Window Films

Window films are thin laminated films. Those are installed to the glass surface of the automobiles, home and buildings. These are normally made from the Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET. PET is a thermoplastic polymer resin which is different features like clarity, tensile strength, ability to accept various surface and dimensional stability. Window films can be of different types. They are usually categorised by their manufacturing materials, substrate type and their technical performance. Among many other window films here we will discuss safety and security window film which are used mainly to provide extra strength to the window glasses.


Safety Window Films

Safety window films which are also known as safety coating are made from a type of polyester namely PET. These are sold in clear or tinted sheets. It is installed to the glass using an especial type of adhesives and can be installed after manufacturing or installing the glasses. These films can protect the glasses from earthquakes, burglary, accident hazards and windstorms. It can also increase the fire safety as glasses with safety window films can hold back fire longer than the normal window glasses.

Safety window films can be up to 4 mils thick. As the films are clear, when applied properly to the window glasses they are undetectable. Though these are mostly used on window glasses of automobiles, homes and buildings it can also be installed to the glass tables or shelves. Apart from its safety features, it has many other benefits like providing protection from the UV rays and preventing heat from entering the building.


Security Window Films

Security window film is almost like the safety window film. At higher threat environments where additional security is required these window films are used. One or more layers of polyesters are laminated together with adhesives. The thicker films are manufactured using multiple thinner films laminated together. The films vary depending on the thickness. They are available in a number of variations ranges from 4 mils to 14 mils.


The films and the adhesives can also be of different types depending on the desired characteristics of the security films. They are available in different packages with different length and width. It is mainly the thickness of the film that determines the strength of the film. The thinner films are used in lower threat environment when the thicker one are used in the higher threat environment.


Comparison Between Safety and Security Window Films

The safety and security films have almost the same benefits. A comparison between these two window films are given below:


  1. The safety window films are designed for accidental breakage or smaller impact situations but the security films can protect from superior glass hazards like bomb blasts, earthquakes, hurricanes etc.


  1. Safety films are perfect for the residential window when the security films are most suited for government buildings and communities in high risks.


  1. Safety films are available in clear, solar control shades to block heat, Uv rays and glare. But the Security Window Films are only available in clear films.


Both safety and Security window films are extremely benefitting from your windows. You need to choose one depending on your environment and the purpose you want them to serve.

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