Electronic Records Management System for Business Organization

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Records and data form the lifeblood of any organization, without which it can become hollow from within. In this article, we will specifically talk about the electronic records. An electronic record is a type of information that is registered by a computer. It could be word processed documents, emails, spreadsheets, videos, presentations, databases and digital images. Hence, it is essential that every company uses an electronic records management system to record and store this information accurately.

The records may contain valuable information of the company. It could be an evidence of a particular event or organizational activity.

Why do you need electronic records management system?

The electronic records management is considered essential for the systematic control of receipt, maintenance, creation, use and disposition of records. This also involves the process of collecting as well as maintaining information about the various business transactions and activities in the form of records.

For example, if you stockpile all the electronic records collected over the years without categorizing them or labeling them, then after a few years you will have a huge mountain of data. Unfortunately, all your important information will be lost in that mountain.

You may still have the data, but looking for it will become a tedious and time-consuming process. Even then there’s no guarantee that you might get the information you were looking for.

Now that you know why it is essential to manage your electronic records properly, you need to look for a good electronic records management system. Eloquent Systems offer some fantastic solutions for record management. Their software is mobile friendly, and it contains all the tried and tested features you can typically find in a traditional records management system.

The records management software by Eloquent Systems offers support to different kinds of digital content that include books, artifacts, business documents, videos, PDF’s, e-mail, logbooks, scrapbooks, websites, large maps, journals, photographs, and more. It also provides a unique identification number to each record to make them easily searchable in the database. Some of the features of this software are:

  • It can manage both electronic and paper records.
  • It presents all digital assets with the browser
  • You can retrieve, request and tracks physical items using this software
  • It offers retention/disposition for the information governance
  • It can be seamlessly integrated with SharePoint and other tools

When you have all the records correctly tagged, labeled and categorized in one place, they become readily available anytime, anywhere. It not only saves time when you need to find a particular record amidst a sea of information but it also significantly reduces the chances of losing a significant record. It also keeps you updated with the records that need to be disposed of. Hence, an electronic records management system is an absolute necessity for your organization!

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